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Let's show our children that we care about them personally by applauding the small accomplishments in life............

Who is your Champion?.. It is said that a true champion is one who defends others without thought of themselves.. That champions are those who will stand up for another's rights or honor, and of course we are all familiar with the champion who wins a competition. Finally we all know someone who goes beyond what they are required to do to make sure that others are cared for.. Yes, there are vast avenues and areas of life where a champion steps forward to show that he or she really cares more about others than him or herself.  Let us know who your champion is.....




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We archive Champions of Sports, Personal Achievements and Academics of all sorts.  You decide whether you are a Champion or not.  Your drive, your spirit and your determination to accomplish whatever is your goal will empower you to do and be your very best..It's the 8 year old who made his first basket.  It's the 17 year old who made the tennis club.  It's the team who won their first game, or it could be the kid who made good grades..Remember it is not always about winning, it's about your attitude and your determination to do your best.

It's been said by some "Praise what you want to see more of and that's what will encourage".


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City Champs was created as a way for people to post and share their achievements, whether it is for family and friends to view or just as a sense of self gratification.  It is an archive site for sharing and saving team and personal accomplishments. 

Today City Champs has become much more......In conversations all around the world, people have wanted to share with others, i.e. prove what they accomplished back in High School, College or some other venue.  In an effort to accomplish that City Champs focuses NOT ONLY on sports but on the individual and his or her accomplishments.  No matter how young or old, no matter how small or large, you matter here at City Champs....



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